Falling identification

Based on computer identification technology and on-site cameras, it can automatically identify the fall behavior of people in public places, such as subway escalators/stairs, old and young activity areas, with an accuracy rate of more than 90%. Timely rescue can improve the effect of manual supervision and ensure life safety.

Call identification

Based on large-scale behavior image data training, it can automatically locate the location of the wireless phone, identify the call action in the monitoring area and give an alarm immediately, which can prevent explosion and fire caused by sparks, as well as potential safety hazards caused by driving and other calls, and avoid potential safety…

Mobility disability detection

When there are people with mobility difficulties within the monitoring range, the intelligent module is used to link the annunciator. If there is a traffic light, the green light can be extended until the people with mobility difficulties or the elderly can pass smoothly. It can display the pictures of people with disabilities or the…

Swimming recognition

Identify the behavior warning of people entering the restricted area waters through the view; To realize the daily monitoring of personnel crossing the water restricted area in the fixed area. When pedestrians cross the water area, they will immediately voice away “You have entered the water area, please leave quickly”, and repeat the alarm until…

Suspected theft detection

 Based on computer identification technology, cooperate with on-site cameras to automatically identify suspicious persons at monitoring points, give early warning to those who do not comply with the regulations, fill in the gap of artificial control, and strengthen security control.

Puddle detection

Based on the artificial intelligence visual analysis technology, it can identify the water situation in rainy days or flood roads in real time, give an alarm immediately in case of serious water accumulation, remind the management personnel to drain and dredge, and set up warning signs to avoid pedestrian and vehicle safety accidents.